“Sometimes when I consider what tremendous consequences come from little things, I am tempted to think there are no little things.”
            - Bruce Barton

We Think Small at Rainbows United

We’re not losing sight of the little things that truly make a difference in revealing the masterpiece of each child every day.

Things like communicating a first “I love you” using an iPad. Taking a tiny first step with a walker. Celebrating the birthdays doctors said he’d never reach.

In the same way, we recognize the power of many small acts that are instrumental to unbelievably, unexpectedly huge, life-changing results.

And so we turn to you, inviting you to think small with us.

Be A Rainbow Catcher
Just like Charlotte, each child we serve has a rainbow within. With contributions from friends and neighbors like you, the sun shines brighter, revealing the beauty that's been with them the whole time. Select the giving level that is right for you. Shine your light through Rainbows United and show children just how beautiful they already are.

Your gift makes little things possible...

    $125     Two sessions of speech therapy with a young child.

    $250     One day of nutritious meals for children and youth at Kids' Cove.

    $700     One week of specialized child care for a toddler with special needs at Kids’ Point.
$2,000      Two weeks of Camp Woodchuck where kids ages 6 - 21 have summer fun in a safe and welcoming environment.
$7,500      One year of physical therapy for a young child to learn to walk.


Membership levels

Purple Dinosaurs

Blue Instruments

Bag of Jewels


  Crate of Oranges

  The Red Hots


 Prism Necklace 


Be A Rainbow Builder today.

Are you interested in purchasing the original storybook that inspired this campaign written by Board member Todd Ramsey and illustrated by local artist Robin Fertner? Click here