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    "I've come to love my time at Rainbows. I'll see a smile from one of the children, or hear a parent say 'thank you.' And I realize what I'm doing is the easy part." – Volunteer

    Here at Rainbows, we see every child as a masterpiece waiting to be revealed, but treasured works of art don’t just happen on their own. They take time, resources and talent. And that’s where you come in. If you have a passion for fostering potential and finding beauty within, we’d love to find a place for you. There are many ways you can help meet the needs of children with special needs and their families in our community. We offer one-time and long-term volunteer opportunities for both individuals and groups.

    "I've come to love my time at Rainbows. I'll see a smile from one of the children, or hear a parent say 'thank you.' And I realize what I'm doing is the easy part." – Volunteer

    Masterpieces are made from a wide variety of media, from paint to clay to metal and more. We know that no matter the method, our volunteers help bring out the beauty within our children. We offer a variety of ways for volunteers to lend a hand, and if you aren’t sure which option is right for you, our skilled Volunteer Coordinators are happy to assist.


    Individual volunteers can choose from a wide variety of options. Rainbows has many needs in the classroom, outdoors and around the office. There are often special projects that also require volunteers.


    Volunteer groups serve Rainbows in a variety of ways. You might take part in a work project (cleaning, gardening, building), facilitate a classroom activity (games, art project, one-on-one mentoring) or help with a special event (field day, dance party, fundraiser). Each group is matched to a project based upon the age of the participants, when the volunteers are available and the needs of the agency.

    Special Project Needs
    We’re always searching for volunteers to assist us with a variety of tasks, from filing to graphic design to sign making. Our Volunteer Coordinator can help find the ideal way for you to help.

    A Special Note for Students: If you are seeking a practicum or internship requiring the evaluation of a supervising professional please contact Debbie Mai, Vice President of Programs and Services, at dmai@rui.org. Include your class requirements and area of study with the subject line “student practicum” in this important communication. 

    Any student requiring less than 10 observation hours, may contact Jennifer Francois at jfrancois@rui.org or (316) 267-5437 to make arrangements. 

    Volunteer Coordinator
    Carol Giblin
    3223 North Oliver Avenue
    Wichita KS 67220

    Current Special Project Needs
    +We need new signs for our Outdoor Classroom at Kids’ Cove. You or your group could use paint or wood burning techniques to make new and sturdy natural signs for our classroom. Please contact us for more specific instructions.

    +Targeted Case Management needs someone to help with filing and scanning documents
    Days and hours: Tuesday-Thursday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

    +We need a Graphics Intern to do print production, flexible hours Monday-Friday

    + We have many volunteer opportunites at Camp Woodchuck this year. Please download the list of activity options from the Downloads module to your right.

    **Rainbows United, Inc. does not accept volunteers who need to fulfill court appointed hours. Please contact the United Way of the Plains at 2-1-1 to learn about other agencies in the Wichita area that need help.

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