At Rainbows United, we believe each child is a masterpiece, whether or not they perceive themselves that way. For children who have trouble holding a crayon, struggle to pay attention or have other challenges, their inner beauty may become overshadowed by apprehension--especially when they enter a school environment.

That’s where we can help. Through a contract with Wichita Public Schools we offer a bridge of learning, going beyond to give your child a little extra help. Careful brush strokes to reveal the masterpiece within. A great start in school can mean a great start in life.

CBETS, through Rainbows United, offers ideas, specific services and resources to support each child's education.

Direct Services

  • Services are provided at no cost to families or child care providers.
  • Services are based on each child's needs.
  • Physical and occupational therapy, speech therapy, behavior consultation and strategies, and educational activities are among the services offered.
  • Idea exchange for Early Childhood Providers
  • Visits to the home or child care center, to observe how the child functions in his current setting, followed by suggestions of strategies that address concerns.

R Next Steps

  • For more information, call the Rainbows United CBETS team at 316.267.5437.

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A snuggly and cheerful toddler

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Blaise 2


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Started receiving services just before his second birthday.

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Going beyond
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Terms to be familiar with

  • CBETS Community Based Education/Training Services

  • Screening A way to get information on the growth and development...