Stormy Wedding Dress


The Little Things

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"My baby girl got married.” - Bill Snyder

Earlier this year, Stormy got married to her best friend, Austin. It was a special day
of celebration, but one that her parents weren’t sure would ever transpire when
she was an infant. “At three months old we were told she might never walk or
talk,” said her father, Bill. Stormy began receiving therapy services through
Rainbows in 1994 and she made noticeable progress, walking and talking by
age three. Her father credits Rainbows and the early intervention services that
helped their family cope with having a child with special needs. Rainbows
helped them dream about the unknown future.

“Stormy has been a blessing. As she grew up, she always pushed herself to
show that she is just like everybody else,” said Bill. Even with her special
needs, she went on to be a good student, manager of the wrestling team,
worked at the family antique store, fell in love and got married.

Over the last 45 years, thousands of children with special needs,
just like Stormy, have received vital therapies and other services
through Rainbows. Each interaction helps reveal the masterpiece
that each child was created to be.

This is the time of year when we depend on your annual or monthly
gifts to continue the legacy of services in the coming year.

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through Rainbows every day. Help us fulfill our vision by making a
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