Cleft Strong!

Two year old Carson was born with a right unilateral complete cleft lip and cleft palate. He has been receiving speech therapy from Rainbows for the past seven months. “Carson has greatly improved since beginning speech therapy. I love seeing the positive change!” said Carson’s mom Jamie.

Cleft lip and cleft palate is not just cosmetic and it isn’t an easy fix. “Most people can only see the cleft impacting his appearance, but it also affects his breathing, eating, speaking, swallowing and even his teeth,” Jamie said.

“Rainbows’ is incredible! We have been paired with an amazing Speech Language Pathologist, Rebecca. She comes to our house, so that Carson is comfortable with his surroundings,” said Jamie. “My son loves Rebecca and he is continuing to grow and learn every day.”

“Since working and coaching with Carson’s mom on ways to encourage language development during routine activities throughout the day, he is now putting 2-3 word phrases together to request his wants, comment on what's happening around him, and be involved with family conversations,” said Rebecca. “Working with Carson gives me that purposeful high of knowing my job is making a difference in his life and his family's life.”

Carson has already had three surgeries. He had his first surgery when he was only 3 ½ months old. He had a lip adhesion, which brought his lip together with a few stitches. For his second surgery when he was 6 ½ months old, he had a lip and nose repair and had his tongue tie clipped. Carson was 14 months old for his third surgery, which consisted of a palate repair, ear tubes, and he had a three-beaded dermoid cyst removed from the back of his head.

“His mom loves getting involved with taking on the ideas that are discussed during our time and implementing them into her weekly routine to continue Carson's language and speech therapy every day, even when I'm not there,” said Rebecca.  “I believe this is why he has come so far and so quick because of his mom’s everyday follow through.”

“Rainbows’ has positively impacted our lives. Our sweet little boy is finally starting to speak,” said Jamie. “It is incredible to hear him figure out the word he wants to say, and be able to understand him!”

According to his mom, “Carson is Cleft Strong!” Rainbows’ couldn’t agree more.