Just like any other 16 month old.

Daphne is just like any other 16 month old. According to her mom Mindy, “She gets into everything and enjoys playing with her big brother, Felix.” Daphne was born with a congenital condition called Unilateral Microtia and Atresia. Her right external ear and ear canal didn’t form properly. “Daphne doesn’t know she is different and that makes her little personality all the more infectious,” said Mindy.

Daphne has received speech therapy services through Rainbows since she was 5 months old. Her therapist, Joanna goes to her home regularly to interact and track her development. Daphne’s mom can’t say enough about Joanna. Her son Felix even loves it when Joanna comes over. “Rainbows also informed me of other programs for children with hearing loss in the Wichita area and Daphne was able to receive a hearing aid from one of those programs,” Mindy said. This special hearing aid allows sound waves to travel through Daphne’s bone rather than through her ear canal.  With the help of the hearing aid and therapy sessions, Daphne has improved since coming to Rainbows.

“Daphne's parents, Mindy and Andy, are wonderful advocates for their daughter!  When I met them, they had already researched the options they were considering for Daphne. I am blessed to be on a team with such instinctive parents,” said Daphne’s speech therapist, Joanna.

Rainbows’ has been a huge support for Daphne but also an emotional support for her mom, Mindy. “I am able to talk to Daphne’s therapist, Joanna and voice my concerns and she is able to give me good tips and can provide me with other resources and information,” said Mindy. “It is nice to know that there is someone else working alongside me to help my daughter get the help she needs.”

“At each home visit, we celebrate new successes and we discuss the areas we can best help her with next.  Mindy and Andy work on the Daphne's development in the family's everyday routines to make it happen.  Mindy is able to tell me all the great things she is doing before I even have to ask,” Joanna said.  “Daphne has so much love and support, I have no doubt she will have a fabulous childhood and many successes yet to come.  I can't wait to see what she accomplishes next!”

Daphne’s family loves working with Rainbows. “Through Rainbows’ staff we have so many resources at our fingertips and haven’t had to be burdened by any cost associated with the services provided,” Mindy said. “We are so thankful for a program like Rainbows and the staff who have invested their time into our daughter and our family!”

Learn more about Daphne and her family's microtia journey on Mindy's blog:https://dearestdaphne.wordpress.com/