Putting together 2 and 3-word phrases.

Two-year-old Hallie Jeffrey began receiving Rainbows’ services in September 2015. Hallie has struggled with speech and using expressive language. Before starting speech therapy through Rainbows, she would babble, rarely spoke, and could not be understood when she did. “Hallie was not repeating much, and did not have a desire to,” said her mother, Janelle. “She did not know or say many words at all, and when she did know one, she was not pronouncing all the sounds.”  According to her family, Hallie now knows and can express significantly more words than before. “Hallie is becoming more vocal around family and we are able to understand her better,” Janelle said. “She has also started putting together 2 and 3 word phrases.”

Hallie receives speech services from Rainbows’ Speech Language Pathologist Kimberly Stewart in Butler County. “Hallie has really begun to feel comfortable around Miss Kim,” said Janelle. Hallie’s sessions with Kim are often a group effort. Miss Kim likes to gets everyone involved in therapy to help Hallie learn in her own environment alongside the people she is around most. “We all sit on the ground and play together,” said Janelle. “Miss Kim provides us with different letters, shape activities, and songs to do together until the next time she comes.”

Janelle is confident that working with Rainbows has been beneficial for Hallie but also herself. “This type of service is great because it gives the parents what they need to help their child be successful. Miss Kim also works with me and gives me ideas on how to practice enunciation with Hallie and gives me incentive ideas to get her to repeat,” she said. “I have learned so much and gained so many great tools on how to help my child with her language.” Being connected with Rainbows has provided the Jeffrey family with more information and resources than they expected. “Having Miss Kim come out has given us more ideas and practical ways to integrate these ideas in our routine than I could have ever imagined,” Janelle said. Janelle has gained new confidence in her parenting by participating in therapy and implementing speech intervention activities with Hallie, helping her learn and grow. “Being a part of your child’s developmental progress provides bonding between the parent and the child,” she said.

Hallie’s family is proud of her and the little girl she is becoming. “She is smart, organized, receptive, and so happy,” Janelle said. “She is goofy and loves to make people laugh, color, and play doctor to her animals and babies.” As Hallie continues to grow, the Jeffrey family knows they have a great resource alongside them for the journey. “Rainbows has been supportive and meshed with our needs,” said Hallie’s mother. “It’s been a wonderful experience, and I am so glad we decided to look into it. I would recommend their services to everyone.”