More active and playful

When Amber started her daughter Lillyen at EduCare Center, a child care center through Butler Community College, she noticed that Lillyen’s speech was delayed compared to others in her class. When she moved up to another class, her teacher suggested an evaluation. In February of 2012 Lillyen received an evaluation through Rainbows United’s Bright Beginnings Infant/Toddler Services in Butler County.

Amber is an early childhood education major at Butler Community College and knew about Rainbows because she had volunteered for the Smart Start program. Speech Language Pathologist, Kim started visiting Lillyen in the family home until Amber started school in the fall, and then saw Lillyen at EduCare Center. “Kim was really helpful. She sat down and explained what she was working on to me or my husband or whoever was there,” said Amber. “She gave us a ton of tips to help strengthen Lilly’s jaw muscles.” When Lillyen turned three in December, she was no longer eligible for speech services. Her communication improved greatly with speech therapy and is now age appropriate.

“The best thing is not only her friends in her class can understand her better... but she has been more active and playful,” said Amber. In the past year Lillyen made huge improvements not only with speech but in social skills, too.  Lillyen loves art, building things, and princesses.

Amber’s biggest advice to parents is to not be judgmental about having your child evaluated. “It never hurts to be checked,” she said. “It can at least tell you where your child is at and what they can improve on.”