Can now hold her head up.

When Brittany delivered her daughter Maryah, there were no warnings that anything would be wrong. Although she had reached full term, Maryah was born with a chromosomal mutation that no one had seen before. This mutation caused things like deafness, cleft pallet, and even no growth hormone for Maryah. Through the Via Christi Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Brittany was introduced to Rainbows.

Now almost two years old, Maryah weighs fifteen pounds accompanied with developmental delays. Her Primary Coach and Family Services Coordinator is Allison Bruntz, Occupational Therapist. Once a month, Maryah receives joint visits from Ellen Larson, Physical Therapist, and Rebecca Paden, Speech Language Pathologist.

“Working with Allison is amazing,” Brittany said. “We look forward to her coming every week, she is great at finding ways to help Maryah develop. She has helped us  secure equipment we couldn’t otherwise afford.”

Allison, along with social worker Kelsie Harms, has been able to provide the family with an electronic pediatric scale, with funds from Children’s Miracle Network, an exersaucer, donated by St. Anthony’s Church, as well as various toys to help stimulate Maryah.  Maryah also received foot splints which enable her to put pressure on her feet and hips.

“Allison will find things for us at garage sales and brings them to us,” Brittany said. “She goes out of her way.”

Allison provided guidance for Maryah’s family through the medical system and also recommended places to receive support with other families.

“Allison has been our partner, helping me know where to go and what to do,” Brittany said. “I don’t know what I would do without her.”

Through Rainbows’ services, Maryah has begun making progress. She can now hold her head up when in a sitting position and bear weight in her legs with help of the splints. Brittany takes special notice in the little strides Maryah makes every week and excitedly shares them with Allison.

“They not only encourage the children but the parents as well,” Brittany said. “Rainbows is a huge life changer.”