A loveable boy

When Kayla and Alex’s baby arrived three weeks early, they spent time with Matthew in the hospital as he continued to get stronger and could come home. Once he was home, their doctor suggested they contact Rainbows to help encourage his development.

A loveable boy at 10-months-old, Matthew wasn’t crawling and wasn’t really interested in language development like others his age. Rainbows’ Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant, Diane Wolff began visiting the family home and continues to work with Matthew and his mom. They practice exercises and therapies to help Matthew sit up, encourage him to get on his knees and hands to crawl, and begin to communicate verbally. “It’s important for Matthew to be strong enough to hold himself up and begin to rock on his hands and knees, so he can crawl and walk,” said Diane. “We also help him begin to feed himself and express himself using words and not grunting.”

His mom says that Matthew has made progress in the few short months since Diane has been coming to their home. He can sit up on his own and crawl. “He is more verbal and mobile. Having Diane come to our home is so nice. She has great ideas and is always sharing ways we can help Matthew,” says Kayla. “I’m so glad to have Rainbows.”

After six months of services, the family is pleased that Matthew is progressing and the therapy is working. A new goal is to help him feel more relaxed and less frightened at bath time. “He got water in his eyes when we went swimming, and ever since he has not enjoyed bath time,” said Kayla. “I look forward to the day when he has fun getting wet and will play in the tub.” A bath chair was provided so he can feel more secure in the tub.

Another goal is to work on walking to get his toys during play time. The family now has a walker that he can use to help strengthen his legs. He is interested in the buttons of the walker and took to standing with it right away. “The walker will help Matthew learn to walk on this own,” said Diane.

Matthew loves snuggling with his mom and eating baby veggies. The family has 2 cats and hopes Matthew will have a sister or brother to play with in the future.