Water therapy works wonders.

10 month old Scarlett has received Rainbows’ services for the majority of her life. Scarlett has Cortigal Vision Impairment (CVI) and her Neurologist suspects that she has mild cerebral palsy.

The vision impairment means that although her eyes see like they’re supposed to, her brain does not understand what she’s seeing. Due to the cerebral palsy, Scarlett has increased muscle tone in her arms and legs which makes actions like reaching for toys difficult.

Bright Beginnings’ Physical Therapist Angela Pulaski visits Scarlett’s home for therapy. After Sydney, Scarlett’s mother, fills her in on Scarlett’s doctor visits, Angela and Sydney help her practice her range of motion. They also move her arms and legs at the same time to help her practice crawling and stretch her limbs. At the end of each session they set goals for the next session. Due to the CVI, Early Childhood Special Education Teacher, Tiffany Owens, makes occasional joint visits to ensure progress in Scarlett’s development.

“Angela is always open to my ideas,” Sydney said. Sydney created a sensory room for Scarlett out of a large box and utilizes the tub and a small pool for their own water therapy sessions.

“Sydney has become a Scarlett expert. She is very instinctive and always has great ideas on how to help Scarlett,” said Angela.

Scarlett’s eye sight is beginning to improve and she can now roll from her back to her side. She responds to certain toys or visually stimulating apps on the iPad. Soon Scarlett is going to receive hand splints to aid in hand use and they are looking into some other assistive devices.

“Scarlett is blessed to have such a proactive mom,” Angela said. “Working with this family is a joy and delight for me.”

Sydney is thankful that Rainbows has offered guidance for her through this journey. “When something unexpected happens you need a support system, Rainbows has been that. They are someone to step in and help you along the way,” said Sydney.

Scarlett and her family will cut the ceremonial ribbon at Rainbows' 4th Annual GLOW Run|Walk benefitting Butler County Infant/Toddler Services. Register here!